Bully Alert – Clayre M****, Anabella Dev, Monica Imvu, Rave Mayson

This Rave Mayson used to be like normal, we supported each other on facebook, etc. And suddenly I received messages from my friends saying that Rave is trashing my name and products with her friends like crazy, out of the blue. Is it connected to my decision to close my Facebook account a few days before, I don’t know. I tried to find out what the heck is going on, but she only yelled back: “U TALKED TRASH ABOUT ME FROM ALL I HEARD FROM FROM IMVU TY VERY MUCH….” and blocked me. Thing is, I haven’t talked about her at all, I haven’t talked to anybody these days so what the F is going on? Is someone pretending to be ChicByTrinity and spreading some weird stuff? I know I do have haters. It’s a known rule: you have haters when you’re good at something. In the past I have commented that some people need upgrades, but it was months ago. I don’t care about that for a long time anymore. Rave then went to Second Life just to give a skin of mine the worst possible review, while all others gave 5/5 stars. Who’s the bully now?

The purpose of this post is TO REVEAL the nasty crap they are talking about me and my business: ChicByTrinity. I don’t know why they’re against me, they don’t tell me. I’m open to civilized conversation like adults. I do have rather high EQ (emotional IQ) and I’m not some stuck up asshole with a huge ego who can’t be talked to in a civilized manner. I can be reasoned with, I don’t hate people, I don’t hold grudge. But… I will not let anyone f**k with me (see the image below). I had no choice but to post this page because those people didn’t respond without yelling, name calling, bullying, and blocking. I also found out that this Clayre has an online alias MissMaya (I knew her online by that name before). Anabella Dev is not familiar to me, it must be a random hater.


Advice: NEVER believe someone talking something about someone else until you confirm it by yourself, e.g. coming from the person himself/herself. Anyone can spread a dirty rumor, only small minded people believe it and act upon it. Unless I personally have said certain things to you, anything your friends tell you (that I said this or that) is false.

Thank you.