Golden Rules when Socializing Online

Please read, read again, and remember them.

  1. Everyone you meet online is a potential fake until you see them on a webcam (not to mention in real world). Voicing and video clips are not good enough.
  2. Never send money to someone you met online. Never, ever. It doesn’t matter how much they beg, how desperate they are. Your answer is an iron clad NO.
  3. Do not give your physical address and/or phone number to someone you don’t know (see the point 1 above).
  4. If someone refuses to show their webcam, always finds excuses, etc., then it’s a red flag, you probably found a fake, catfish*


* Catfish is usually someone who pretends to be someone else online, usually with fabricated life, name, past, and stolen photos. They can be after your money, or just trying to feel romantically wanted, because their self esteem is so low that they can’t tolerate their real self.