How a rather known skin creator turned out to be a thief

I, ChicByTrinity, did not have any suspicion until someone from IMVU sent me a few product links in December 2015, they were skins uploaded by CheSav, and those skins were hidden. They had my CHIC watermark under the feet. IMVU removed these skins shortly after that discovery.

The products in question are moved to DMCAHold, but you may still see their titles:

These above are two of them. It’s been confirmed that she stole more from me (11 found so far), and the only changes were quite subtle, makeup and a slight tone change.

I have talked about creators who have stolen from me or someone else in the past, and some people don’t want to listen or believe me, they think I’m just jealous or greedy (dirty competition). That’s not my style. As you see, this person CheSav has stolen my skin textures, it was around fall 2012 (the PID numbers can tell you that). I remember hearing about that before, I got messages like “CheSav stole your skins!” but I didn’t even look deeply because I didn’t believe it. This time I looked and it was really disappointing.

Who knows whose skins she has for sale now, I mean the kind of skins she has mixed together. It could be legit, it could be shady. TGM sold his textures, that’s known and legitimate, a few creators sell their textures. But not all skin textures for sale (or download) are legitimate.

I can’t respect people who use products made by a dishonest creator, and I despise people who steal from others.


Now it’s up to you and your conscience what you’re gonna do about it if you happen to have her products…
However, I often delete people from my friends list if I see them wearing/using products by any thief (stolen or not). I do my best to notify people, but not everyone listens, some delete me first, lol.

Thank you for your time!