IMVU Mafias having thieves cursing the creators

I found this forum post on IMVU Mafias website:

I wish to clarify that I (CHIC) never submit anyone on the thieves database unless they got caught with 100% confirmed stolen textures or meshes. That makes those people merely bitter and jealous. They either used stolen skins and got caught, or they can’t create good enough products, and now they’re bitter. Or the combination of both.

If you found a skin texture on a website or bought from someone, it doesn’t mean that the texture is free or public domain and perfectly allowed to use.  Skin textures get stolen in huge amounts so BE AWARE. Every time you find or buy a skin texture you risk with being DMCA’d by the copyright holder. If you try to counter the DMCA you will lose your account, and in worse case you will have to pay fines or be taken to the court of law. Yes, it has happened to some cocky thieves.

Now about a hater you see if you scroll down a bit on that page. No one has DMCA’d my skins, and one person tried it once in 2014, and they got disabled without my skins being affected.

If you think you can use my work as your own, then you will face the consequences. Simple as that. I will not touch or “slander” anyone who did not get caught using stolen works that was 100% confirmed. I don’t talk shit about other skin creators if they have never done anything wrong in my eyes (stealing).

Yes, I do love my work, because I love that type of female body. Is that wrong? I don’t think so. You should do or make something you love, there’s nothing wrong with that. It doesn’t make you arrogant in any way. On the other hand, if you’re not satisfied with your own life and creations, then you (if you’re a weak person) start hating the others who love their work.

Finally, I was unable to send a message to IMVU Mafias to notify the administrator about that topic, because the contact form keeps saying “Invalid reason”. If you’re the administrator of that site and you read this, then it’s up to you if you remove this topic I mentioned above. Feel free to contact me if you need to.

Thank you.