Lots of IMVU mesh thieves discovered and reported

I, ChicByTrinity, have found lots of mesh thieves today. I won’t tolerate ANY kinds of thefts (textures, meshes, icons, display pics), I always get them removed.

Thieves — if you think you can hide your thefts by hiding the products or deriving from my own items, or just blocking me from seeing your homepage and messaging you, then you’re wrong. NOTHING you can do will stop me from reporting you, and having your stuff removed, and your IMVU account(s) eventually disabled. You can threaten me all you want, you can try counter your ass off, it will NOT help you. That’s a proven fact. The only thing that can actually help you is when you stop stealing. Then, and only then I will leave you alone. I will find any and all hidden thefts, so there’s nowhere to hide. Trust me on this, I have my sources.

I also wish to thank IMVU staff for taking steps to prevent thefts and making stealing a lot harder than it used to be.

Check our thieves database to see who’s gone bad: http://imvu.virtualthieves.com