Purpose and Goal

Hello there!
I’ll get straight to the point. This web site is created to expose people who keep stealing others’ works, harassing, bullying, and/or causing harm to others in any shape or form — people who think they are above the law online. Cyber bullies, virtual asset thieves, fakes in social networks. We focus on weed-like people who are persistent and always find a way to commit their crimes again and again.

We don’t expose people’s personal information here, only their avatar names, screen names, usernames, online aliases that can’t be linked to a real person officially and legally.
I’m sure some of you might just find unpleasant information about you here, and it makes you very pissed, seeking revenge, anything like that. Truth is, you have done it to yourself, stop blaming others.

This site was created to help the victims of cyber bullying, victims of virtual art theft, victims of fake people online. Please read our Disclaimer to learn more.

Honesty is the best policy.
I know someone who would laugh at this in anger, she’s also one of the main stars of our bully section here.
I mean, really, you can get much further in life if you don’t steal, lie, bully. It may seem easier to cheat sometimes, but in the long run it will just screw up your life.

Think about it.

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