Who is an IMVU user named VonWild?

A confirmed thief named xR3N364D0x (139129680) stole several skins from EyeCandiFem and ChicByTrinity, and when I looked at the sales log of one skin I saw that a few people have bought it. I messaged one of them named VonWild and asked if she has bought that skin, and I said that unfortunately all of […]

How a rather known skin creator turned out to be a thief

I, ChicByTrinity, did not have any suspicion until someone from IMVU sent me a few product links in December 2015, they were skins uploaded by CheSav, and those skins were hidden. They had my CHIC watermark under the feet. IMVU removed these skins shortly after that discovery. The products in question are moved to DMCAHold, […]

MALUxUNIQUE – a rude person who supports thieves

This is about someone who has no respect for creators. My messages are in italic text, her messages are in normal blueish text. The problem is that she was streaming with stolen skins on IMVU. I quickly asked her to give me the link, and she didn’t do it. Then, a bit later, when she […]

Users of stolen skins on IMVU

I’m listing all the names here who are using stolen skins, they are either buying them before they get removed, or getting them custom made by thieves. It’s extremely disrespectful to keep using stolen products. Put yourselves into the original creators shoes for a moment! SHAME ON YOU: lCapriBedlerWild lASSASSINALTl (with a thief lTERRORLTl) IDanniele3D […]

IMVU Thieves on Facebook

These are thieves who are selling stolen skins on Facebook. They are selling them as customized products and as textures. I should remind you (or them, they are too dumb) that all stolen skins on IMVU can be found and they will be reported. https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100009410937234 https://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=100010165424055   https://www.facebook.com/barbie.imvu.9 This idiot is selling skin textures stolen […]