Thief got busted and turned into a hater

Some people just can’t live without drama and hatred. Can’t we just act like civilized adults? Is it too much to ask?

I, ChicByTrinity, found an IMVU room mesh of mine in someone else’s catalog. I contacted that person (avatar: IAMPASSION and CursedTemptress) to let her know that I can find any and all products that are stolen from me. Instead of admitting her mistake and solving the issue like an adult she chose to take another path full of lies. Big mistake.You just CANNOT lie to the original creator of a virtual product. It’s not possible.

One thing I hate more than thieves is LIES. Then I took a screen shot of my room mesh opened up in 3ds Max, and showed it to her. She stopped responding after that. I thought she got the message… but then I found out that she involved her virtual husband (avatar: JAZIAM and IAMSIGMA) in this, they both started desperately trying to seek revenge. They posted groundless accusations with similar comments on IMVU Pulse only to tarnish my name, because I found their stolen room. (My friends found those posts and comments and flagged them as they were in violation of IMVU ToS), I also received hateful and threatening messages and product comments. They also accused me of cyber bullying. Oh yea? Then what would you call their actions on Pulse and elsewhere? They must be really desperate.

Some people are really funny, I don’t get it, why bother wasting their own (and my) time on some retarded bullshit instead of just acting like adults and solve problems in a civilized manner?

I made that room mesh from scratch in June 2014, I didn’t use any pieces from any 3D models website. I have downloaded 3D models for some projects, and they call me a thief now. How desperate.


I would say it’s quite safe to expect hateful comments from those people.