Users of stolen skins on IMVU

I’m listing all the names here who are using stolen skins, they are either buying them before they get removed, or getting them custom made by thieves. It’s extremely disrespectful to keep using stolen products. Put yourselves into the original creators shoes for a moment! SHAME ON YOU:

  • lCapriBedlerWild
  • lASSASSINALTl (with a thief lTERRORLTl)
  • IDanniele3D
  • Guest_mellymorenashow
  • RiviPiassaSchimer
  • lLadyDivaFirel
  • RanyaBirth
  • llDaniaTopM (using them AGAIN. She has legitimate skins, I saw, but why is she using stolen ones?)
  • srlSuzanyBAD
  • Guest_PriscilaGataCullen
  • Guest_xValentinaah
  • lBellaKNOSS
  • lBrunaGNA
  • LorenDanuts
  • Liugmonthez
  • SamyStewart (and hiding/protecting a skin thief)
  • WendyZanatta (Zanatta people are known for stealing or using stolen works, at least some of them are thieves)
  • Brizzasuave
  • PaulinhaDreamer
  • erikas28 (This idiot asked for a custom skin with bikini marks and tatts, then she had someone else steal my skins and add bikini marks and tatts)


More IMVU people on Facebook who are using stolen skins: