Who is an IMVU user named VonWild?

A confirmed thief named xR3N364D0x (139129680) stole several skins from EyeCandiFem and ChicByTrinity, and when I looked at the sales log of one skin I saw that a few people have bought it. I messaged one of them named VonWild and asked if she has bought that skin, and I said that unfortunately all of those skins are stolen. She said “No I haven’t”. Then I sent her a screen shot that listed all the buyers including VonWild. She didn’t respond anymore, but my message(s) got flagged instead. What is there to flag? Nothing.

What kind of idiots are we dealing with? My only guess is that she’s a retarded moron friend of that thief. Who else can VonWild be? An alt of the same thief? Also possible.
Nevertheless, all those skins have been reported by all the appropriate creators, and IMVU will remove the skins, and if we’re lucky, that thief will be banned. If no ban right now, then next time.